Importance And Benefits Of Drinking Water

Hi darlings! Today I want to discuss the importance and benefits of drinking water? Are we all getting enough of that good old H20?  I used to pay very little attention to how much water I was drinking. Instead of listening to what my body needed, I’d find myself on painkillers due to a massive headache.

I started drinking 2 glasses of water when I woke up and took a bottle of water with me everywhere I went. It took consistency like all new habits need until you automate them. I had to consciously tell myself to drink and measure how much I was drinking.

Today drinking water has become a part of my day to day life. I feel more energized, find that I’m snacking less and I’m less tired. The only down side is that I have to twinkle a lot- I think I can live with that.

*If you don’t care much for the taste of water you can always spice it up with a few mint leaves or a squeeze of lemon.

The Importance Of Water, That Good Old H2O

We know that without water we literally cannot survive. This is because our human body is made up of about 60% water and in order to stay hydrated we have to replenish our body with it.

There are certain foods we eat that are high in water content thus adds up to our daily intake. So eat those fruits and vegetables.

Tap water, spring, mineral or soda water, take your pick, it’s drinking water. As long as you drink the required amount- this differs between person to gender to athletic status but I find that 2-3 liters a day works just fine for my hubby and myself.

When the days are hot you’ll want extra water. Same goes for exercising or physical tasks, because we lose a lot of water through sweat and urine.

Listening to your body when it’s “thirsty” will help you stay hydrated as well.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

It’s a known grandma’s tip that warm water helps against menstrual pains. This is because the warm water increases the blood flow and helps relax the cramped muscles- always helps me out.

Our kidneys use it to cleanse our body of toxins. So basically, our kidney’s flush out the toxins with the excess water from our body.

When it’s summer, or if you’ve just finished a workout, your body temperature is much higher than usual and cold water is suggested to bring that body temperature back down.

On The Other Hand

Drinking too much water can result in over-hydration. This rarely happens- there are some medical conditions when the body retains water. This means that it can no longer get rid of excess water. When it happens it’s dangerous, because it puts off the normal electrolytes, which are pushed outside of their safe limit.

There are plenty of health benefits to drinking water, but remember that everything is in moderation.

Until next time,

Have A Bright Day xx

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