Easy Brown Rice Recipe

Hi darlings! Today I’ll show you an easy way to upgrade any regular brown rice into a serious juicy dish. This easy brown rice recipe is a great solution for all those left overs that just don’t taste the same the next day.

So let’s face it, brown rice doesn’t taste the same as white rice does. But this recipe today will have you eating brown rice over white any day. As it’s so rich with flavor you won’t even notice that it’s brown rice.  Before you know it I’ll brighten up your food views. So let’s brighten up that dull and boring regular brown rice with this easy brown rice recipe that’ll have you licking your fingers.

Let’s cook us some brown rice.

What You’ll Need:


1. Heat up a wok pan and add the eggplant dish viola.

2. Add the brown rice and scrumptious oven dried tomatoes and heat up. The juices from the tomatoes add a lot of flavor to this dish.

3. Next, wait for everything to heat up, about 5 to 10 minutes, then remove the wok from the stove and add pepper to taste.

4. Finely slice the spring onion into 5 cm long strips, finely chop the dill and coriander and add to the wok. The dill and coriander also add distinctive flavors to the dish. All that’s left is to mix everything together and you’re done.

Tip: This rice is great on its own, with tahini drizzled on top, or as a side dish with salmon. Whichever way you choose, E N J O Y

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more delicious and easy recipes.

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Have A Bright Day xx

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