5 Vegan Chocolate Treats You Need In Your Life!

Can you ever really have too much chocolate? Is that even a thing? It’s like asking if the sky is blue, the grass green, or if there is such a thing as smiling too much? I sure don’t think so! chocolate is the root of almost all my sweet cravings, always lifts my spirit, and I honestly can’t say I’ll ever get bored coming up with new and fun ways to incorporate it into sweet vegan chocolate treats.

The following 5 vegan chocolate treats were all thought of and created while I having my usual chocolate cravings. Now that, in my opinion, sounds promising to me!

So, here is my short and sweet compilation of some of my favorite vegan chocolate recipes from the blog.

Keep your eyes peeled for chocolate made using fair trade cocoa and ingredients.

5 Vegan Chocolate Treats You Need In Your Life!


Vegan No Bake Chocolate Slices – Paleo Friendly!


They’re freezer friendly, super addictive, have that ultimate slightly toasted nutty flavor, and loved by everyone.

no bake chocolate slice


No Bake Pecan Bars With Chocolate Drizzle!


Delicate, sweet bites of heaven

no bake pecan bars


Chocolate Bliss Balls With Roasted Almonds!


These chocolate bliss balls are to be enjoyed with a cuppa on the sofa watching your favorite Netflix series with your loved one after your kids are tucked in bed. Why? Because not every chocolate ball was meant for kids. Some are for adults only!


Decadent Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – Vegan!


Can’t do gluten? No worries.

gluten free chocolate cake


Vegan Chocolate Muffins – Paleo Friendly!


vegan chocolate muffins


Tell me. Which vegan chocolate treat is your favorite?

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Elinor, Let’s Brighten Up xo

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