Incredibly Refreshing Mango Salad In Just 5 Minutes!

easy mango salad
I’m in love with this super easy mango salad! It’s refreshing, juicy, fruity, and takes just 5 minutes to prepare! I tried this salad for the first time while I was at a healthy spa resort last week with my hubby. There were so many dishes that caught my eye, I didn’t know where to begin. (Yes, I ended up trying them all!) Well the first dish that caught my eye was this incredible looking, mango salad, which I knew I had to recreate the moment I tried it.So, that’s what I did.¬†While trying to remember what was in the salad, I started adding my own ingredients. I finely sliced a mango, added a handful of sprouts, that I had lying around in the fridge, roughly chopped some pecans, and threw in a few sultanas. For the dressing, I added a good squeeze of lemon juice, olive oil, maple syrup, and sea salt and black pepper to taste. That’s it! With minimum effort, I had hit the jack pot with this extremely satisfying mango salad!easy mango salad

What you’ll need

Serves 21 Cup (190 gr) of Sliced Mango3/4 Cup (70 gr) of Sprouts1/4 Cup (30 gr) of Pecans1/8 Cup (20 gr) of SultanasLemon Juice according to tasteSea Salt and Black Pepper to tasteOlive Oil according to taste

For The Incredibly Refreshing Mango Salad

Peel and slice the mango into thin strips and place into a bowl. Next, wash and dry the sprouts and place them into the bowl along with the sultanas. Roughly chop or crush the pecans, add sea salt and black pepper to taste along with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Finally, mix all that goodness together and dig in! ūüôāeasy mango salad

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