Super Easy Soba Noodle Recipe

Hi darlings! So, today I was in the mood for one of my many quick and easy recipes. But more specifically, this super comforting, packed with flavors that all meld together perfectly, easy soba noodle recipe that’s ready in under 20 minutes, and is perfect for any day:)

With the weekend just around the corner, and energy levels starting to drain, this easy soba noodle recipe couldn’t be more inviting. Just chop up a salad or two, and you’ve got yourself a whole meal in less than 20 minutes.

This dish is super quick to make

Will leave an explosion of flavor in your mouth

And is to be enjoyed immediately 🙂

What You’ll Need

Serves two

  • Handful of soba noodles
  • 1 leek
  • 8 Bok choy leaves
  • 6 small portobello mushrooms
  • 4 Stems of thyme leaves
  • Pinch of sesame seeds
  • A few drops of sesame oil
  • Drizzle of olive oil
  • Splash of soy sauce
  • Pinch of black pepper


Switch on your timer darlings, because dinner will be ready in a jiffy 🙂

1. First, heat up a pot with water for the soba noodles.

2. Next, heat up a wok. Add a drizzle of olive oil, thinly slice the leek and add to the wok.

3. Add the thyme leaves and pinch of black pepper and  give it a quick stir. Chop up the mushrooms, and when the leek starts to sweat, add to the wok. Roughly chop up the bok choy leaves and set aside.

4. When the water starts to boil, add the soba noodles, they’ll be ready in about 5 minutes.

5. When ready, drain and add to the wok along with the bok choy. Add the splash of soy sauce and give it all a good mix.

6. Finally, add the sesame seeds and turn off the heat.

Dinner is served!

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And let me know how your dinner turned out, I’d love to hear 🙂

Until next time,

Have A Bright Day xx

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