Good Posture And Self-Confidence

Let’s Brighten Up That Self-Confidence With Some Good Posture

Hi darlings! Today I wanted to focus on good posture and the influences it has on our mood and self-confidence.

Not only is it healthy to have a good posture, as it prevents back pain and helps avoid health complications, but also has significant effects on our well-being.

Here’s some food for your thoughts. Did you know that walking slouched with your head down increases depression and decreases energy?

The next study focuses on just that.

Body Postures And It’s Influences On Your Mood.

Erik Peper along with other researchers from the San Francisco University conducted a study in 2012. They showed how different postures and movements effect energy levels.

A person with a history of depression, his or her energy levels could increase or decrease, depending on the posture.

They took 110 students and had them choose to either walk slouched with their head down, or in a pattern of opposite arm and leg skipping.

After a few minutes they rated their energy levels, then did the opposite of what they chose.

The results were amazing.

After slouched walking, there was a decrease of energy levels and after the skipping walk there was a significant increase of energy levels.

They asked the students how they felt. The one’s that walked slouched with their heads down described feeling “sad, lonely, isolated, sleepy”.

The ones that skipped with opposite arms and legs described feeling “more energetic, happier, positive”.

I think the bottom line that we can gather from this study is to connect with our body and mind, and definitely work on our posture.

Now we know that body posture has an effect on how we feel, let’s brighten up our self-confidence through posture.

Posture And Self-Confidence

An Ohio State University study conducted by Richard Petty along with other researchers showed how a person’s posture influenced their self-confidence. 71 students participated in the study, and were told that there will be two separate tests simultaneously.

The first one was from the arts school, wanting to know if one can keep up a certain posture while engaging in another activity. They could either sit up-straight or slouched down.

Then they were asked to participate in the second test from the business school.

The researchers wanted them to write down three positive or negative characteristics about their future performance at a job, and rate themselves in a survey on how well they would do at a new job.

The students who sat up-straight portrayed self-confidence therefore rated themselves higher. The students who sat slouched down rated themselves lower.

The end result was that the students who wrote positive thoughts rated themselves highly when they were sitting upright, because their posture led to confidence and positive thoughts.

It is amazing to think that a lot of our self-confidence has to do with our posture. The mind and body are indeed powerful.

To Conclude

I think we can all agree that we look better and show higher confidence when our overall body posture is straight and tall rather than slouched down with our heads low.

Until next time, let’s improve our body posture and

Have A Bright Day xx


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One thought on “Good Posture And Self-Confidence

  1. Wow! It is working, thank you. I’ve followed your advice and am walking with my back straight. Also, I read a good book about ‘Mind over Body’, I took the idea of ‘Visualization’, so while I’m walking I’m imagining that there is a thread over my head pulling my back up. And I agree with you very much, we shall all ‘brighten up’ in the presence and into the future.

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