Healthy Vegan Mini Pizzas With Cashew Cream And Spelt Flour

vegan mini pizza

I made these gorgeous looking, vegan mini pizzas, the other day, and they turned out better than expected! For the toppings, I added a generous amount of my flavorful fermented onions, roughly chopped some kalamata olives, and topped it with my super easy, mouth-watering cashew cream. Sounds interesting, right darlings? It gets better! The veganRead more

Oven Roasted Vegetables With Infused Olive Oil

oven roasted vegetables

Monday’s for me, are all about experimenting with different ingredients, and flavors, in my cozy kitchen! Last week, when I was at the organic store, I picked up a few chestnut pumpkins, to try out. Well darlings, this mouth-watering veggie perfectly complimented my exceptionally pleasing, oven roasted vegetables!  I roughly chopped some potatoes, added a few cauliflower florets,Read more