Fermented Foods For A Healthy Gut

Lately I’ve been noticing a big rise in gut health awareness and fermented foods. More and more people are starting to understand the importance that fermented foods play on our immune system and our overall well-being.

Did you know that fermented foods can assist your gut health along with many other fantastic health benefits

I’ll admit that I wasn’t too fond of fermented foods in the past, mainly because of their strong aroma. But today, after understanding just how healthy they are and delicious they can be, I’m hooked on the stuff.

So in the past, traditional Sauerkraut or fresh dairy products such as yogurt, which were indeed extremely healthy, were raw and unpasteurized. But now days we’re consuming store bought pasteurized products that are missing all their healthy guys, the probiotics.

Our health begins in our guts, or as the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut,” so it makes sense to feed it nourishing, unprocessed foods. If we feed it rubbish, the good bacteria in our guts will die and we’ll be vulnerable to illness and weakness.

Plus, only we control what we put in our mouths.

Let’s brighten up our gut health with some of these fermented vegetables to try

Start off with some of these delicious fermented vegetables that’ll be ready in no time:

Remarkably Juicy Fermented Onions

Classic Sauerkraut

Dill Pickles

Fermented Purple Cabbage

Now don’t exaggerate and switch to an all fermented food diet just because we’ve learnt that it’s good for us. Remember that everything’s in moderation. This goes for good bacteria as well, so gradually introduce the good bacteria, otherwise we’ll end up having too many “good guys.”

Too many “good guys” can lead to an imbalance in our gut. So start off with small portions a few times a week until your body adjusts, then gradually increase.

And know that common side effects such as gas and bloating are to be expected. It’s simply our body ridding of the “bad guys,” and is perfectly normal.

 To conclude

Go for raw unpasteurized fermented foods, which can easily be made in the comfort of your home.

Try these delicious fermented vegetable recipes that I’ve just shared.

Start off with small portions of fermented foods, until your body adjusts.

And remember, a healthy gut, a healthy well-being.

Until next time,

Have A Bright Day xx


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